Solidarity for All. For equal rights and a good life.

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Regional No Border lasts forever Conference Frankfurt Main 4.–6. March 2016

solidarity_for_all_engl.jpgim Studierendenhaus, Campus Bockenheim, Mertonstraße 26-28, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

The current situation of many new arriving refugees gives new urgency to the social question, including in the Rhine Main region: decent housing, access to languages courses as well as a secure residence status are lacking. People are forced to live in temporary mass accommodations where they struggle for months or years without a permanent living perspective, yet permanently facing deportation.

The impacts of the austerity policy are felt everywhere – for years we have now been confronted with the calculated affordable housing shortage, the removal, privatization and price increase of social infrastructure while precarious work conditions are increasing. Now an attempt is being made to play off the interests and needs of people in accessing affordable housing, well-paid work or education.

For us, this polarization poses the question of social justice. The conference wants to follow up and build upon the meetings and debates of “Frankfurt for All: Solidary City!“. The regional conference wants to open up a space for further discussions and wants to organize a common practice of mutual reinforcement, pursuing the topics of work, access to health care and education, housing and the fight against right-wing attacks. We want to deal with following questions: How can we fight against the individualisation and exclusion and how can we create and live solidarity? How can we encounter effectively racist attacks?

The “summer of migration” showed a breath-taking power, proofing that no border can stop the movement of people. However within and outside of the EU, the practice of distinguishing people into desired and undesired people, into those who have the right to stay and those who have to remain outside or are being deported is commonly practiced.

The conference wants to be a place for regional exchange concerning the current developments in the field of migration and flight. We need a common organization to fight for the right to stay, to fight against deportations and against exclusion.
Freedom of movement is everybody’s right!

Aktionsbündnis gegen Abschiebungen Rhein-Main, Antira_K, Hessischer Flüchtlingsrat, kein mensch ist illegal/Hanau, kein mensch ist illegal/Darmstadt, AGIS Darmstadt, MEKRI, Netzwerk konkrete Solidarität – Teachers on the Road, Noborder Frankfurt, Welcome Frankfurt, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen, FALZ Frankfurter Arbeitslosenzentrum e.V., Frankfurt für alle: Solidarische Stadt.

Preliminary agenda

Friday, 4. 3.
6 pm Dinner
7pm Opening Gala

Saturday, 5. 3.
From 8 am breakfast
9:30 - 10:30 pm opening session
Workshops I 11:00 - 14:00
Workshops II 16:00 - 19:00
Afterwards Music and drinks / Cafe KOZ

Sunday, 6. 3.
From 8 am breakfast
9:00-11:00h Open space/Workshops III
12-14:00h final Session

Workshops to the following topics are planned so far:

1) Housing and accomodations
2) Work and working conditions
3) Access to health care
4) Access to Education
5) Root causes of flight /Situation in the countries of origin
6) Social polarization, strengthening of right wing structures
7) Situation at the external borders: Our experiences and perspectives
8) German asylum law - the current legislation
9) Stop Deportation!
10) Welcome cafes/contact points
11) Self-organization
12) FantiRa. Feminism and Antiracism

Further proposals are very welcome!